Mining industry

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Our pipeline solutions, including their manufacturing processes, are tailored to support the tough mine environment. We comply with all modern days tight regulations, and actively train our personnel. We are capable of planning complex projects, and to deliver them in a timely manner and according to customer specifications.

Pumping stations

We plan and deliver pumping stations to the mining industry with years of experience. During the years, we have built tens of permanently set pumping stations. We also deliver modular pumping solutions. We are a one stop shop for your pumping station needs – from us you get the solutions and the expertise to pump both small and large quantities, delivered in a customer centric way.

Mine services

We offer different mine services to both short term and long term needs. These services include preparations and construction of tunnels, electricity network, ventilation ducting or water pipelines. We also cover all new needs arisen during the mine operations. We are known for our cost effective and customer centric approach.

Conveyor and sieves maintenance

At TT teknologia, we deliver a wide range of maintenance services for different kinds of conveyors and sieves. By keeping the maintenance quality of sieves and conveyors high, we ensure they work with high efficiency and ensure the smooth operations of the mine. We’re experienced in timing the maintenance works according to customers specifications.

Wear protection for mills

Rod and ball mill linings play a very important role in the mining process. Malfunctioning wear protection linings may cause extremely expensive pauses to whole mine operations. We install and fix these linings with years of experience, and according to all requirements.