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TT-Teknologia Oy

Our main business is industrial contracting and subcontracting. Our customers come from the mining-, metal-, and paper industries. We have experience from several different types of projects.

For the mining industry: Pipelines, pumping stations, conveyors and sieves maintenance. Rod- and ball mills liner maintenance.

Metal and paper industries: steel structures, pipelines and different maintenance tasks.

For design, we use applications like Autodesk Inventor 3d and Autocad Mechanical. We’re certified for pressure vessels, and we’re CE certified for steel structure products.

Mining Industry

High quality and reliable services for all mining industry needs. Services include pipelines, pumping stations, build up and maintenance works.

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Metal Industry

Versatile services including steel structures and pipelines building, and all kinds of maintenance works. We have tens of years of solid experience for different industrial services.

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Factory services

We offer a wide range of services and products to all industrial construction, including all-in factory building, different kinds of steel structures, pipelines and all kinds of maintenance works. We have tens of years of experience in different industrial services, including the automotive industry.

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We offer a wide portfolio of services to different infrastructural construction with years of experience. Our services include earth moving and concreteworks, and all municipal engineering and district heating works.

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We are constantly looking for new makers to join our team. Please send your application via email or via the contact form.

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